Monday, April 5, 2010

Been a lil minute out in cali.

With spring break at Hunter College just passed and being all ready to jump back into it real hard felt like I should let everyone in on the Cromie happenings.

Before I dipped out to Cali for spring break, Hirshi & Phlegm, to dudes very adept at spinning lovely dark dubs y'aint heard before amongst other wild, bass-oriented styles, had me on to their WNYU radio show Grime Machine.

We had a lovely lovely session where the vibes were peakin throughout the night (I see you utilities closet). I played a house etc. set the first hour and am happy with how it sounds, thanks primarily to the amazing artists: Here it is for you on my mixcloud:

Then I went out to fuckin California, played this party I used to run my senior year at Pomona College. Evan Stalker handed the gig off to me during his south african sojourn, took it back once i left and I can confidently say that its been up and up from there. The party is kickin hard every week and Evan, Andrew, Avery and Kim are throwin up a range of styles of dance musics every week for an eager crowd.

Here's a link to the table manners blog where they post up the sets that get played at the party. Here's mine:

I'll be posting on that blog more and more frequently, sharing my sounds and other shit I'm feeling just as I should be doin here.

enjoyy dat

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hirshi and Cromie LIVE in Hunter College recording

So last week was kinda funny. When I showed up to the WHCS studio the power was totally out, so that had me stressin. Then like ten minutes later the power came back on, but the internet was still out, meaning we couldn't broadcast on our online stream.

After waiting down to the wire we decided fuck it, hauled the technics and the mixer up to the main Hunter College area where everybody's walking to and from class taking and escalators and elevators and shit, and started blasting. Hirshi dove right in with some lovely and deep dubstep and so it went for the next hour or so till I hopped on and we made the switch to house.

It ended up being great with students comin up and showin love and asking questions about the mysteries of Serato. Good looks to the older woman with a baby who was dancin and the janitors and security guards who were feelin the house sounds.

Anyways here's that recording for ur listnin pleazzureee:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hirshi of WNYU's Grime Machine on today

Got a special guest comin thru today. Hirshi dj's on WNYU with Phlegm on Wednseday late nights. They're show is called the Grime Machine and they always throw down the illest dubstep-centric bass sounds.

I just saw the dudes dj at last months FutureBlank party out in Bushwick and they ripped it along with Jubilee. Definitely a sick party and I'll be sure to hit up next months.

I'm psyched to see what he's got in store.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

First Post: DJ Cromie on WHCS

Check for all of DJ Cromie's mixes at

And tune in to Cromie on WHCS Hunter College Radio every Wednesday from 5-6pm EST.

I'll be posting up all of my archived radio shows up here as well as keeping da world informed on what's goin on with me and the musics I'm feeling these days.

Here's this semester's first show. New show's will be posted with with the quickness. Watch this space